Organya Body Smoothers

The fountain of youth has been one of the most sought after ideas in human history. The ability to stay young forever is alluring to everyone. From unnatural means such as botox to probiotic diets which can help you live longer. Our compounds are the number one way to look and feel younger.

Our products contain natural ingredients that will help you maintain your skin and give it a youthful appearance. Our compounds are synthesized with preventive care for stretch marks, wrinkles, and dryness in mind.

Organya Body Smoothers

During the lifetime, our skin goes through many changes that occur as a result of pregnancies, aging, obesity/weight loss, body toning and fitness and much more. The only way to combat these changes is to be proactive with Organya.

Who Benefits from Organya?

Pregnancy & birth

During the nine months of pregnancy, your skin goes through many changes. As the skin stretches, there is a formation of pink and red stretch marks that accompany you during your pregnancy that will remain forever.

Body smoother by organya contains vitamin c, vitamin e, omega 6 and vitamin pro b5 with acidity level 3.5 ph according to the appropriate level of your skin, will prevent all of those symptoms and will help you to be relaxed happy and enjoy your pregnancy.

Weight gain/weight loss

Weight gain, weight loss, muscle loss, muscle gain. Your skin may be elastic and form to all the shapes you might have throughout your life, but it isn’t perfect.

Following these reasons, our skin goes true and drastic change.  To minimize the damage, we must restore the skin its elasticity and nourish minerals, vitamins, and moisture.

Natural maturation process

In the natural maturation process of our body, we lose moisture and volume that our skin needs.  With a variety of organya products, you will bring your skin back the moisture, vitamins, minerals and the level of elastin and collagen fibers-contribute to the full, tight and beautiful look.

Extreme life climate

People who spend lots of time in water or live in a dry climate (desert), prone to an accelerated process of wrinkling and skin aging.

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Orange Body Oil Smoother

100 ml / 3.38 fl oz $39.99 $11.99

Lemongrass Body Oil Smoother

100 ml / 3.38 fl oz $39.99 $11.99