Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil Cold Press

30ml / 1.01oz & 100 ml / 3.38 oz


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Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil Cold Press

Olive oil as it is called is an oil extracted from the olives themselves and is considered a particularly healthy oil due to its proven properties throughout the history of about 5000 years.
There are countless types of olive oil but the highest quality is extra virgin olive oil in cold pressing (hot pressing impairs the qualities of the oil).
The color of the olive oil indicates its freshness, when it is high quality and fresh in color it will be amber-yellowish green but if it is too intense green it will raise suspicion of unripe olive picked too early, the longer the oil is in less favorable conditions it will lose its greenish color and turn yellow or another option is That the yellow color comes to tell us about a late harvest when the olive is made too.
It is very important to store it in a cool, dark place in a tightly closed glass vessel, as contact with oxygen accelerates the oxidation processes of the oil, despite being relatively stable compared to other oils. Shelf life is also important because the longer you keep the oil, the greater the chance of oxidizing it and destroying its quality, so it is best to purchase fresh oil in small packages and reduce storage time.
The fresher the oil, the thicker it will be and the better the smell of fresh olives.
Olive oil contains antioxidants, vitamins e, a, k, and helps the absorption of vitamin d which needs a fatty environment, oleic acid, omega 9, and other other elements that are very important for our skin.
The olive oil molecule is much smaller than the pores of our skin, so it seeps into the skin and does not cover it, thus allowing the skin to breathe and not blocking the pores.
Great for facial skin – a few drops before bed will soothe your skin, leave it with a touch of silk, fight pollutants, age spots and improve elasticity so that the skin looks younger, fresher, and healthier.
Helps with health and strengthens the hair root and maintains a healthy and radiant appearance.
Great for nail health and softening the skin around them, and great for nourishing the lips.
The many virtues of olive oil have led the skincare brands to combine it with a large selection of body and hair products, it can be found in soaps, moisturizers for the face and body, and even in lipsticks designed for lip care.
But it is very important to remember that these skincare brands mix a few drops of health with a lot of drops of chemicals and toxins so check carefully what is hidden inside your skincare products and remember that nature here for you in all its glory and power is waiting for you to take advantage of all the good it has to offer !!!
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100 ml / 3.38 oz, 30 ml / 1.01 oz

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