3 In 1 Facial Massotherapy & Massager Machine

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  • Clean skin deeply
  • Eliminate wrinkles, smooth skin
  • Whiten & lighten skin
  • Reduce fat, shape slim face contour
  • Dilute spots, dark circles, eye bags
  • Promote blood circulation and metabolism

Skin is the largest organ of human body.  It has to do with our health and image.  More and more people, especially women, take more attentions to the skin.  However, gravity, sunshine, radiation, etc, are harmful to skin, causing sag, loose, wrinkles, spots, acne and other skin problems.  To protect and beauty device to get better effect.

Home use I-PH-S beauty care machine combines four popular & effective skin care technology:  Lon (galvanic current), photon (red, blue, green lights), ultrasound, and vibration massage.  Using with skin care cosmetics, it’s convenient to care skin at home, easy to carry and operate.


  •  High-end LCD screen, visible operation.
  • Superior titanium alloy probe, anti-corrosion & oxidization.
  • 3 MHz ultrasound, tighten skin and improve the absorption capacity of skin.
  • Ion+: clean skin thoroughly: Ion-: nourish skin deeply.
  • Red, blue & green lights for rejuvenating skin.
  • 10 functional combinations, multi-effect.
  • Vibration function for comfortable massage.
  • Collar with groove for binding cotton pad to help cleaning.

Power light function:

  1. Red light: 620-630nm: It can reach the dermis layer to stimulate fiber cells, improve blood circulation, activate skin, reduce wrinkles and smooth skin.  Suitable for any skin type.
  2. Blue light: 460-470nm: It can kill bacteria, calm and against skin rashes & acne, strengthen the protein fiber organization, shrink pores.  Suitable for oily skin type.
  3. Yellow light: 580-590nm:  It can promote oxygen alternation micro circulation, dilute pigment, and whitening.  Suitable for an skin type.

Additional information
Weight1.8 lbs
Dimensions9.5 × 9 × 2.75 in
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