Lemongrass Organic Body Deodorant

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Lemongrass Organic Body Deodorant:

In ancient medicine, it was customary to call our skin the 3rd lung.
Our skin is similar to a lung that is made of pores (small openings) like a giant strainer.
Through the pores, our skin breathes, lowers the temperature, and excretes toxins from the body.
Sweating is a super important action for our health because once the body wants to excrete toxins it does so through sweating as well.
When we use chemical deodorant (the one you find in most-stores) which is unnatural, we block our pores which are also meant for removing waste. The deodorant is a product we use every day we regularly block the area and cause a load of debris and toxins stuck in the body which is detrimental to our health and body systems.
Inside the deodorants, there is an ingredient called antiperspirant in addition to adhesives, alcohol, talc, parabens, and much more… whose function is to seal the armpit which causes a load on the lymph nodes and can lead to lazy gland meaning dysfunction of the gland, as a result, we experience excessive sweating elsewhere, Palms, backs, legs, etc.…or the waste and aluminum get stuck in the body and cause diseases like lymph, breast and Alzheimer’s cancer which has been proven in many articles to be related to aluminum.

A little about the sweating process:

Our body sweat has no odor – what causes the odor is the bacteria (bacteria) which like to be in a humid, acidic, and dark environment which is exactly the conditions in the armpit and makes the fatty acid that the lymph secretes fragrant.
organic deodorant many customers reported a significant reduction in the amount of sweat and this is because the body begins to heal itself and return to normal, it is not under stress the load on the glands decreases and it begins to breed back, increase body temperature, and clear waste properly.
That’s why at Organya Cosmetics we have prepared a natural Organic deodorant for you that neutralizes acidity,
Antibacterial, high quality, and healthy which will provide you with proper protection against bad odor but at the same time work with the body’s mechanisms and not against them!
Important tip:
Because the use of natural deodorant cream is new to most people and especially to our body’s mechanisms we need to give 3 consecutive days of virulence (in most cases three days) until we feel it works well – because it takes time for the armpit environment to become alkaline and not acidic and attractive to bacteria.

  • Can be used from age 4 and up.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • For topical use only.
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Body Deodorant

Cream Jar 50ml / 1.7oz, Stick 15ml / 0.50oz

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1 review for Lemongrass Organic Body Deodorant

  1. Nelli Rose

    I’m in love with this item all of my family are using it for the last 3 years even my 8 years old boy.

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