Retinol 18 (vitamin A) Night Serum:

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Suitable for both women and men aged 25 and over. Contains a wide variety of vitamins and fatty acids that are essential for the health of our skin, such as a, e, d, gamma Linolenic Acid (GAL), oleic acid, and more. Fights skin aging, pigmentation, brightens, and smoothes the overall appearance of the skin and gives it vitality and radiance.


Retinol 18 (vitamin A) Night Serum:
(98% natural and organic)

Contains retinol,
(vitamin A), E, D, essential fatty acids, and more…
We learn from great experience that no one product does all the necessary actions for the facial skin but what we do know and we would be happy to share with you is the Revolution Retinol (Vitamin A) Night Serum by Organya which contains a variety of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A Retinol which has been proven to have effective results for wrinkled skin, with age spots (pigmentation), and generally contributes to a radiant and smoother look.
Our Night Serum fights skin aging and pigmentation problems because it prevents the breakdown of collagen in the skin after exposure to UV rays.
– Encourages skin cells to make collagen to keep skin tight and prevent wrinkles.

-Clarifies and smoothes the overall appearance of the skin by microscopic peeling which improves the structure of the cells.
– Improves the epidermal layer and gives elasticity and softness.
– Normalizes pigmentation problems in the epidermis to fight uneven skin.
By regular use of the product, you can see an improvement in the facial skin between 1- 4 weeks from the beginning of use -Improving the texture and color of the skin – will look brighter and healthier due to the effect of the active ingredients of the serum.
Within a few more weeks thin lines will look better as a result of macroscopic peeling of cells in our skin.
Within a few months – pigmentation that is visible on our skin will be brighter and the pores will be less clogged.
for deeper pigmentation, it will take longer.
To build skin collagen to minimize the formation of wrinkles takes about 3-6 consecutive months.
These are all the reasons why we believe so much in a Revolution Retinol (vitamin A) Night Serum By Organya.
We will be happy if you share with us before and after photos and during the process.
Organya Cosmetics Laboratories.
How to use:
It is recommended to start using once every two to three days and gradually after an adjustment period to increase the frequency of use.
Start by applying a small amount on clean and dry skin and do not forget the product will cause a slight dryness so do not forget to lubricate the area after use, you can apply one of the serums from Organya (Boost Protector or Hod) or any quality natural serum that suits your skin.
. For use at night only. Exposure to the sun with the serum is prohibited.
. During the use of the serum, it is mandatory to apply sun protection (sunscreen) throughout the day.
. It is recommended to start using the serum as early as the mid-twenties because this is the time when our skin begins to recede.


. The use is prohibited for pregnant women.
. It is advisable to consult an attending physician when necessary.
. Keep out of reach of children.
. for external use only.
. The use of the product is the sole responsibility of the user.
. Keep in a cool, shady area.

Important Information:

Did you know that there are pimples that can appear as a result of using a new product and are the skin’s way of signaling that the product is working?Familiarize yourself with the concept of skin purging, which describes the situation in which products contain active ingredients that encourage skin cell regeneration,
fast forward to the natural cycle of cell regeneration. If small pimples appear in an area that is prone to problems anyway, this is not necessarily a cause for panic:
These will usually be small wounds that disappear quickly and are not painful, This means that the new product you use works (and your skin gets used to it) because it shortens the lifetime of your pimple that would come out anyway, pimples are formed when the pores become clogged before we see any external manifestation of it, this is a positive thing: instead of suffering from a pimple that will last for long, and not clear what scars or marks it will leave behind.
We get a pimple that disappears as it comes.
But possibly an effective product can worsen the condition of the skin in the short term before it improves.

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  1. Eli

    I love this serum after using it for 3 years I can tall you thank you this is my favorite one with the best resolute!

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